Seasoned actor Laurence Fisburn will be playing a roll that has never been potrayed by an african american actor. Also, his former employer recently gave him praises in a recent press confrence.

Elev8 would like to send a double decker congratulations to Super couple Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey on the birth of their twins.  The Cannons welcomed their daughter and son on Saturday in Los Angeles, CA.  The weekend was a special one because the twins arrived on the couple’s third wedding anniversary.   Cannon recently […]

via:eurweb Taye Diggs and Julia Stiles will star in “Between Us,” an adaptation of an off-Broadway play. It is described as a dark ensemble comedy exploring the bittersweet friendship between two couples who meet as old friends and discover their lives are tarnished by money, sex, success and children. Read More

Samuel L. Jackson will be adding another great movie to his long list of credits. Click to read more.


Actor Idris Elba is guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows with a certain comment he made recently at the Lens Project’s “Artist Spotlight” series where he was a featured speaker.

Charlotte-based actor and cutie Yandrick Paraison talked about how his parents, Haitian immigrants, inspired him in this episode of Way Black When.””;Kyte.Embed.altpath=””;window.kyteplayer=new Kyte.Player(“”,{appKey:”default”,width:416,height:436,p:”s”,s:1149771,tbid:”3″});

Along with the headline news and my recent post about How Faith Helped Uncover A Golden Voice, I continued to research how people react to those around them who are struggling through the challenges of living in everyday life.  I came across the short film that actor, Danny Glover, directed and starred in. The short […]


Via: Actor and singer Jesse L. Martin says he has no regrets leaving “Law & Order” after nine years. He told the AP that he would have ended up “dimming” himself as an actor if he had stayed on the show.


His film and television credits also include The Brother from Another Planet and ER. Please keep his family in your prayers.