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Former NBA star Tony Snell is looking to make a return to the NBA for a reason that is bigger than basketball. Snell, a nine-year veteran, needs to make it back to the NBA to qualify for the NBA players association retiree benefit program.

Players are required to play in the league for at least ten years to receive premium benefits. Snell plays for the Maine Celtics of the NBA G League, but Snell needs to be playing for an NBA team, another prerequisite for the benefits. “It’s something I truly need,” Snell said. “Not only for myself, but for my wife and my kids.”

Snell was selected with 20th overall pick of the 1st round by the Chicago Bulls in 2013. Snell was most recently traded to New Orleans in February 2022 and did not receive a call from any teams after he became an unrestricted free agent.

Snell has until February 2nd to be signed by an NBA team in order for Snell to qualify for the benefits. There are a number of teams that can actually use Snell’s services, but as time is ticking, Snell is requesting that any team in the NBA be gratuitous enough to sign him so he can meet the designated requirements to acquire the leagues premium health care package.

“Of course, I want to come back and play, but I have a bigger purpose now,” Snell told Yahoo Sports. “It’s not about me anymore. It’s about my boys.”

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Check out Ten Teams that could use Tony Snell’s services below!

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1. Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks Source:Getty

A team that Snell previously played for, the Hawks could use a vet that provides depth on the wing.

2. Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Source:Getty

Celtics could use a vet off the bench that provides depth on the wing 

3. Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls Source:Getty

Snell was drafted by the bulls and should be a primary target to help Snell out

4. Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons Source:Getty

Snell briefly played for the pistons and could possibly expect a call from them.

5. Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers Source:Getty

The Pacers could use a vet off the bench for depth. 

6. Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks Source:Getty

Snell previously played for the Bucks and which they could use some bench depth

7. New Orleans Pelicans

New Orleans Pelicans Source:Getty

A team that Snell previously played for that should be in line to help out

8. Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers Source:Getty

Another team that Snell spent some time with that could do him a solid.

9. Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns Source:Getty

Suns could use an extra wing defender 

10. Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz Source:Getty

Jazz could use a veteran to provide knowledge and guidance to the youth on the team, as well as provide a wing presence.