Ben Crump took the stage during Sunday’s 102nd Annual Lincoln-Douglass Freedom Fund Banquet and called out Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis The post Ben Crump Vows To Stop Gov. DeSantis’ Plan To ‘Exterminate Black History’ appeared first on NewsOne.

Dr. Willie Jolley’s President's Day principle to win BIG today is “The Power Of Failure”

Earlier this month, in honor of Black History Month, we presented our favorite Lesser Known Black History Facts Everyone Should Know! We hope you enjoyed it, and more than that, we hope you’re ready for more! Every time February rolls around we get to hear about all of the great and fantastic inventions and ideas […]

Howard University made HBCUs proud yet again with its swim and dive team by making Black history on a recent 'Sport Illustrated' Daily Cover.

Oakland’s head of police, Chief LeRonne Armstrong, was fired Wednesday for failing to properly handle an officer’s misconduct.  The post Oakland Police Chief Fired For Failing To Discipline Officer After Hit And Run appeared first on NewsOne.

Black History NOW Celebrates the paths paved by those who broke the mold in areas of film, sports, science, art and business. Today, we celebrate those with Big Screen Dreams: Facing or behind the camera, these visionaries shared the stories of our lives with the world.

"It is biblical. Moses appointed the tribe of Levi as the servitude group of singers and musicians to work in the Tabernacle," says Dillard. 

Black people have played an important role in China's cultural and economic history. Here's what we know about their rich legacy. The post Black History In China: The History Of China’s First Black Inhabitants appeared first on NewsOne.

Witherspoon had a passion for music and learned to play the trumpet and French horn. But perhaps his greatest gift to the world was that of laughter, as his film and television appearances continue to entertain those young and old to this day.

We asked a single man, a newly married couple and a woman married for 40 years to talk about how the pandemic affected their relationships. The post Black Couples Reflect On The Trials And Tribulations Of Love After The Pandemic appeared first on NewsOne.