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Pastor Albert Tate Redefines “Your Season”

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Get Up Mornings with Erica Campbell welcomed Pastor Albert Tate of Made For Fellowship Church in Monrovia, California for a thought-provoking Fresh Word Friday message. Pastor Tate tackled the often-heard concept of “it’s your season,” offering a fresh perspective that resonated with listeners.

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“Y’all know these preachers, I call them the, uh, it’s your season preacher,” Pastor Tate began with a chuckle. “Every church in Sunday, every sermon, it’s your season. It’s your season now and we love to hear that. It’s your season till it ain’t.”

He playfully highlighted the lack of acknowledgement for periods outside of harvest: “Like when’s the last time you heard somebody stand up in church and say, hey, praise the lord. It’s not my season. I just wanna testify. I checked. I went online and looked. I went to the bank. I went to my house. I went in my closet, and I have concluded it is not my season.”


Pastor Tate then offered a more nuanced understanding of seasons. “Every season is not a harvest,” he explained. “And what you’re trying to pull off is to make every season a harvest. It doesn’t work that way. You gotta have some time to replenish. God can restore your soul, and at the same time, you at a harvest season.”

Drawing an analogy from nature, he continued, “There are times when you are up and you’re sprouting, and there are times when you are underground in the dark. What Paul is saying?” Pastor Tate referenced Philippians 4:13, quoting the Apostle Paul: “‘There are times when I had it going on. It was on and popping, and there’s times when it felt like I was getting popped. There are seasons when I had to navigate that was in the dark, that was cold, that was isolated. And what he’s saying is I’ve learned that, here is the context, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’”

Pastor Tate’s message served as a reminder that even during challenging seasons, we are still in a season of God’s work. “Nobody say, it’s not my season to make money right now,” Griff joked, referencing the tendency to focus solely on harvest. “It’s not my harvest season,” Pastor Tate finished the thought with a laugh. “Uh, it’s in I’m in my struggle season now. Struggle seasons. Man.”


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