The House of Representatives approved a sweeping healthcare reform bill on Saturday, backing the biggest health policy changes in four decades and handing President Barack Obama a crucial victory. On a narrow 220-215 vote, including the support of one Republican, the House endorsed a bill that would expand coverage to nearly all Americans and bar […]

If you had to write a list of the Top 10 things that turn you off when it comes to dating and the opposite sex, what would those things be? Well, our good friend and pal, Pastor Justic Cox, wants to tell you what his list would include. Yours may happen to coincide with his. […]

The Official Stellar Award Nominations are in! We announced to you a few weeks ago who all were in the runnings for Category #24: Rap/Hip Hop Gospel CD of the Year, and out of 23 nominees SAGMA has selected 4 onto the final ballot. They are Dooney da Priest (Pull Your Pants Up!), Papa San […]

It was birthed from the experiences of slaves, and handed to their sons and daughters. When thousands of blacks migrated north at the turn of the 20th century, they brought their church with them, and it developed a deeply rooted tradition of activism. Over the decades, black churches have helped change history in Chicago and […]

It’s Friday y’all and I need a Sabbath. I know you have thought those same words. Ok, so maybe you have not said you needed a Sabbath but how about a vacation, a mental health day, a something away from the things that are currently going on. This has been a long, drawn out week. […]

*A rash of suicides and suicide attempts has some Baptists in the Carolinas doing some soul searching. Hickory Pastor David Treadway, 42, is the latest clergyman to kill himself in his parked car leaving his family and members of his church family at Sandy Ridge Baptist to ask why. Although Treadway had told his congregation […]

by Freegrace at 11/1/2009 10:13 PM CST In a recent blog discussion entitled 15 Abortions in 17 Years we discussed several issues that might contribute to teenage pregnancy and abortion. Some of our readers challenged the Christians to consider many issues that could potentially curb teenage pregnancy and subsequently abortion. Some of the most popular […]

A Massachusetts man said he was wrongfully fired for voicing his opinion about gay marriage. But his employer, Brookstone at Logan International Airport in Boston, said the employee violated the company’s tolerance policy and that’s why he was fired. According to World Net Daily, Peter Vadala said it all started after his female manager told […]