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Check out my new blog post on transforming lives? Where were you when Jesus found you? Has your life really been transformed? Wherever you are, Jesus can meet you there.

Last time I said that people are taking bad habits developed in dating into marriages. This time we are focusing on how people are having bad experiences from dating and allowing those dating experiences to shape their outlook relationships and marriage.

The following are tips that will help you maximize your 2010 tax refund as well as a give you ways to stretch it next year.

Women do not know how to pick men. They pick the man of their dreams. Then they try to make McDreamy come alive in their reality. The reality is that it is estimated that 95% of women want to date the top 5% of men. Stop dreaming.

For those who are not familiar, F.I.C.O. is a credit reporting system started by the Fair Isaacs Corporation. Our blogger Ash Cash gives more details about this inside!

Consider for a moment, an earthly example of the tremendous transformation we undergo when we commit our lives to Christ. Imagine that before knowing Jesus you were a caterpillar and after inviting him into your life as your Lord and Savior you have become a butterfly. Now consider your life as a Christian. Do you always act as the new creature you’ve become?

I am inspired by what God’s word says about this process integral to our lives. From the very beginning, in the book of Genesis, the Bible informs us of God’s transforming word. Check out more of my blog inside!