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While there would be no Coming to America without Eddie Murphy, it certainly wouldn’t be the film it is without some of the other main players, from Arsenio Hall to James Earl Jones and John Amos. Shari Headley can also be added to that list of players, and thankfully, she will be returning for the upcoming sequel, according to Deadline. […]

Reflecting on collaborations between Christian artists and preachers with rappers and singers, here's a look at five unconventional gospel songs you should know... 

We all watch television and get really excited when we see one of our favorite celebrities on the screen. Several gospel artists have landed roles on different television shows including “Greenleaf,” “Sister, Sister” and more. Check out this list!

Check out some photos of everything you missed and see more highlights from the show's third year anniversary celebration inside...

When the rain came down, The Walls Group kept us lifted. You know how they have the early service and then they had noon service at church? Well, that good kind of church wasn’t over after Brian Courtney Wilson touched the Fit Family Fun stage. The Walls Group made their presence felt, jamming out with […]

When the rain slowly started coming down in Tom Bass Park, Brian Courtney Wilson decided it was the best time to deliver the gospel. As fans in the audience threw up their hands in prayer and in thanks for the Lord. The “Great Work” singer and Houston native made sure to take it up a notch as […]

Maryland Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) celebrated the opening of the new Park Heights Saints Community Center and Resiliency Hub Wednesday. The house the new center is located inside of once stood as a place of fellowship 25 years ago, but fell into disrepair. FCA volunteer Garrick Williams met his goal of transforming the 2,000-square-foot home […]

It's Valentine's Day season, but just because you're saved and sanctified, that doesn't mean you can't partake in love's holiday.