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  vai:christianpost   A number of passengers from the Carnival cruise ship Triumph, which made national headlines last week after it was stranded in the Gulf of Mexico, revealed that they turned to the Bible during a time of stress and concern.  “The Bible studies were great,” Joseph Alvarez said, who was one of the […]

  By Steve Strang/Charisma News via:blackchristiannews I’ve known Sam Hinn since he was 18 years old. The younger brother of evangelist Benny Hinn, Sam started a church in my office building years later, and for more than 12 years he was my pastor. So the report that he’s fallen as a leader because of a […]

    via:blackchristiannews   Good news: The U.S. Postal Service lost only $1.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2012. Yes, $1.3 billion. And yes, it is good news because it represented a major improvement over the fourth quarter of 2011, when they lost $3.3 billion.   It’s easy to understand why the beleaguered institution […]

  via:blackchristiannews A team of NBA stars, headlined by nine-time NBA All-Star and Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade, will join forces with popular Lakewood Church Senior Pastor, Joel Osteen, to talk about family and fatherhood this Friday during the 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend in Houston, Texas. The event, which will take the form of […]

via:christianpost A bill that would allow houses of worship to receive federal disaster aid easily passed Wednesday in the House of Representatives.  The “Federal Disaster Assistance Nonprofit Fairness Act” was passed under suspension of the rules, which meant it needed a two-thirds vote for passage. It easily met that threshold with 354 members voting in […]

via:christianpost Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist in Georgia is facing a lawsuit by former church members who are claiming that the pastor encouraged them to invest money in a company that had a $3 million capital deficit.  “If Bishop Eddie Long hadn’t endorsed this they wouldn’t have invested,” plaintiffs attorney Jason Doss […]

via:blackchristiannews The decline of church attendance within recent years may have been prompted by the growing frustration within the church body concerning leadership marred by growing numbers of scandals and churches more concerned with entertaining those in the pews than feeding them spiritually. Emily Michaels is completing her graduate studies at New York Theological Seminary […]

  via:blackchristiannews   The million dollar question: Should I attend a megachurch? Christians fall on both sides of the debate. Let’s begin with a definition. Most define a megachurch as a congregation with more than 2,000 members. Based on this definition, there are over 1,300 megachurches in America. Megachurch proponents cite the size of the […]

via:christianpopst Take your pick. Whether you are looking for ideas for a date night, Valentine’s Day or a bigger solution to preserving your marriage this year, National Marriage Week USA, celebrated on February 7-14 annually, will help you find much more than a rose and a box of chocolate for your troubles.  Touting the financial, […]

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