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Thank God for this day:The day was first set aside in 1952 by a joint resolution of Congress and the bill was signed by President Harry Truman. In 1988, President Ronald Reagan designated the first Thursday of May as the annual observance for the National Day of Prayer. As they

Are you an online evangelist? Whether you spread the gospel online or you want to get involved in fishing for men on the Internet, you can get equipped during the month of May. SOURCE: Charisma News Online Jennifer LeClaire

*In Hemet, California, an assistant pastor and two elders from Calvary Chapel church were arrested for reading the Bible aloud outside a local Department of Motor Vehicles office. The three men went to the Hemet DMV Feb. 2 before it opened and one of the men started to read the Bible aloud. Less than 30 […]

Mohabat News ( says that in the last few months a deliberate and focused campaign of threats and opposition against every and any religious belief that is contrary to those of the Shiites, especially against the Christian faith, has been underway and promoted by the Shiite clerics and all media outlets that are somehow connected […]

This is theory: During slavery, blacks have limited opportunities to worship. When they could, even then the masters would still interrupt service and send for certain people. Those people, out of respect for the service, would hold up a finger (usually the pointer- NOT THE MIDDLE ONE) to symbolize two things: 1) They were

Here is something to add to your TV list A group led by Ambassador Andrew Young and Martin Luther King III is expected on Monday to announce plans to launch a new over-the-air television network aimed at African-American audiences in the fall. Based in Atlanta, Bounce TV, is trying to line up distribution through the […]

By Andrea Marcela Madambashi|Christian Post Correspondent. Should you take everthing to to grave with you? A recent report about the lack of organ donations among Hispanics, particularly within the Christian community, has sparked debate on whether it is consistent with Christian values. Related * What Does the Bible Say About

Have you ever wonder where did gospel music start from,this might help. Church leaders have announced work to rebuild the fire-ravaged Pilgrim Baptist Church will begin. A 2006 fire ignited by workers repairing the roof devastated the 120-year-old structure designed by famed architects Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan. Officials announced a $37 million rebuilding plan […]

Play, whose real name is Christopher Martin will co-host with radio personality Minister eDDIe Velez aka Da Prechin Puerto Rican, with music provided by DJ Dex, DJ Radikal and Higher Ground Record Pool. The Holy Hip Hop Awards happen on April 17 at the North Event Venue and Lounge in