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This week’s topic: After the Resurrection

The Resurrection. So that’s awesome, but what does that exactly mean for me today? I mean, how does it apply to my life on a day to day basis? I’ve always loved the “idea” of the resurrection: After Christ died on the cross and was buried, He was brought back to life and ascended into Heaven to be seated at the right hand of the Father. But how on earth does this apply to me, right here, right now in the flesh—going deeper than just having head knowledge of it? After all, this is something the Heavenly Father wants for us: to figure out what the resurrection personally means to us. And it even almost sometimes sounds magical too, but it is in fact so much more than that. It carries such real-life, ramifications for us today. How? Well, that’s probably the most important question you could ask and I hope seeking the answer changes and blows up your life– for the good that is.


For me, the resurrection is the equivalent of feeling, breathing, experiencing, and dwelling in LIFE–life for your spirit which carries over to your soul, body, mind and emotions here on earth as we connect to the Heavenly Father. Eternal life is not just something we experience after we die. The resurrection of Jesus is what pours living oxygen into our beings; it’s what gives our hearts “breath.” It’s what connects us, like an umbilical cord, to the heartbeat of the Father and all of His authority. As we share in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are given an undeniably, amazing amount of kingdom authority and intimate connection to our Father. As it is in Heaven, all of its blessings one by one are given to us, right now, here on earth. This comes by faith, so the only prerequisite to experiencing this is believing and receiving our Lord Jesus Christ. And He indeed wants for us to walk this out with Him and attain the life and authority He has been given as He’s seated at the right hand of the Father. Our job is to find and search out what that life and authority is for us–as we share in His resurrection–on a day to day basis. Or in other words, “breaking it down for ourselves and making it real.”

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