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Hello, January! This is the time where most of us resolve to be the healthiest versions of ourselves. Where to begin? The task of health, wellness, and fitness can be intimidating to many. No worries! I’ve got you covered. Celebrity fitness instructor and wellness & nutrition coach, Jeanette Jenkins, spoke exclusively with HelloBeautiful!

Jeanette Jenkins

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If you don’t know Jeanette Jenkins, the Hollywood Trainer, you should. Jenkins is the fitness and nutrition powerhouse to the stars. Smart and strong, she has a degree in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa and has over 18 international certificates covering various methods of fitness and health. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, coupled with a personality bigger than life and desire to help others, it’s no surprise that her clients are A-listers like Alicia Keys, P!nk, Kelly Rowland, Serena Williams, Tracee Ellis Ross, and more.

This superstar trainer, shared five tips with #TeamBeautiful to ease yourself into a successful, healthy, and fit new year! Don’t be overwhelmed; be ready!

It’s mental. Choose your decisions in advance.

Jeanette Jenkins Apple Store SoHo

Jay Blahnik, Director of Fitness & Health Technologies for Apple with Jeanette Jenkins on January 7, 2016 at the SoHo Apple Store Start A Healthy New Year Now event. Source: Danielle James / Danielle James

Make the mental choice that you are going to achieve your health and fitness goals. Already accepting that you aren’t putting in any excuses, you will do the work that’s necessary. In advance, you’ve already made the choice that you are going to be successful. Any excuse that comes in the way, you will constantly clear those out of the way because you’ve already chosen to be successful. – Jeanette Jenkins

Schedule your workouts every week.

Every Sunday, sit down with your calendar and schedule the exact times you are going to workout. Jeanette explained the importance of diversifying your workouts to prevent overworking muscles. Not sure how to schedule your workouts? Jeanette has you covered with your first week:

Monday: Cardio sculpt with Jeanette

Tuesday: 30-minute walk or 2 mile jog

Wednesday: Log into the Hollywood Trainer club, relax your mind, and get into some yoga

Thursday: Pilates with your girlfriends (friends that workout together, stay together!)

Friday: Take a boot camp class in your neighborhood

Ladies: When your workouts are scheduled (down to the exact time), you are less likely to skip them!

Make it simple with nutrition. Calories do matter. 

You are what you eat and you can’t outwork a bad diet. Meal planning is important. If you meal plan on the weekends, you will eat healthy foods, save money and achieve your health goals.  When you feel what you feel from eating healthy food: the additional energy and how good your body feels, then you’ll want to eat healthy.  It also tastes better than the junk you are eating.

When you take the food with you during the day for your lunch and snacks, then you are less stressed throughout the day. You won’t be like, ‘Oh my goodness, I’m so hungry, what am I going to eat?’; ‘Where am I going to eat?’ ; ‘What am I going to eat?’ – Jeanette Jenkins

Need help in planning your meals? Jeanette has it figured out for you!

Be positive. Your attitude determines your altitude. 

Make the choice to see the positive in everything that comes your way. Every speed bump. Realize that for every valley, there will be a mountaintop. Staying in a positive mindset is going to help you stay de-stressed so that you are enjoying life, which is important to your healthy living. Stress increases your risk of every illness and makes it more difficult for your body to burn fat. – Jeanette Jenkins

Pay attention to your body. 

Sometimes “pushing through” is not the best thing and often can lead to injuries.

Be aware of your anatomy. People will say, ‘I love to run, but my hip hurts.’ Don’t ignore the signs. Maybe instead of running, you might need to take a yoga class to release tension on your hops. – Jeanette Jenkins

Definitely head over to the Hollywood Trainer to get more tips and tricks and to sign up for the Hollywood Trainer club so you can workout with Jeanette, weekly!

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