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A new campaign is reminding beauties everywhere just how important it is that you head to the polls on Tuesday!

November 4 is judgement day in 36 states where resident will be voting on who gets to be their next governor. People will also be hitting the polls to cast their ballot on 33 new senators that will begin their term next year.

Many people don’t place a high premium on voting these days, but the #IftheySpeakForUs is impressing how important it is to use your voice with two new videos.

In the first clip, several ladies almost get kidnapped by a cabbie that’s taking his orders from a mysterious old man instead of his customers.

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Getting kidnapped might be an extreme scenario, but a much more likely danger is getting a terrible hairdo. We trust our beauticians with our image (and by extension our self-image) whenever we sit down. Most of us have a very clear idea of what we want to look like, but what would happen if someone else was calling the shots.

Beauties, if you don’t want someone else deciding where you go, how much you make or how you’re treated by authorities, then you need to make your voice heard on November 4 for the midterm elections. We’ll see you at the polls!


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