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Jennifer Hudson Appears as Tiana In Latest Disney Dream Portrait By Annie Leibovitz For Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Once Upon A Time is a well written fantasy show. I personally have been a long time supporter. So, it was shocking to me when the season ender ended with the introduction of another Princess. Last year we were reminded of just how beautiful the addition of Tiana could be when Annie Leibowitz took pictures of stars re-imagined as Disney Princesses. It allowed us to dream. Jennifer Hudson, who Hello Beautiful and Tv One are recording an Interludes with, would be a great addition to the cast in the role of Tiana!

While a majority of concerned fans of the series, which follows popular storybook characters ranging from Pinocchio to Snow White trapped in “our world,” are not actively participating in working to secure more ethnically-friendly roles on future episodes of the program, some fans have turned to using a public petition in an effort get their views heard by “OUAT” producers.

This season ended with one of the newest Princesses Elsa (Frozen) being added to the fold!  A petition has surfaced requesting that Tiana be added.

It states in part:

The lack of POC  (People Of Color) people in the ABC show Once Upon a Time is rather depressing. They are either villains, dead or forgotten. The character Mulan has disappeared and Rapunzel, who was added to the royal line up, had one episode and she wasn’t even the focus. For three seasons, the fans have waited patiently for at least one POC who doesn’t get shafted. With season four on its way, I decided it was time the fans made their voices heard. We want princess Tiana and we want her to be portrayed by the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o.

We need the show to have one POC who is respected and treated well because they are adding to the idea that only white people get to be in fairy tales and be heroes. It’s extremely depressing that a show that is favors itself on taking stories and remaking them would fail in such a way. It’s unacceptable. Representation is extremely important and Once Upon a Time is lacking.

So to the writers and creators, would you please give us Tiana? All we are asking is for a POC character that gets to go on a journey and not be forgotten.

Do you agree? If so here is your chance ! Sign the petition here. 

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