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The Mary Mary’s reality tv show on WETv is  giving television a much-needed look at the dynamics of family businesses and relationships.

This week’s Mary Mary’s “Oh Baby” episode focused on Tina dealing with facing a new pregnancy and its professional and personal aftermaths.  Goo Goo introducing her new boyfriend to her sisters was also in the background. Tina nearing emotional overload had to tell both her husband and her manager Mitchell. Her husband’s reaction to the unplanned pregnancy was one filled with grace, love and support.  On the other side of the marital spectrum was Erica considering inducing labor so that her and Tina could perform at the Grammy’s. One more week filled with suspense, tears and disappointments.

Make sure to watch Tina’s confessional.

The lesson this week was one that expresses hope. Hope is all Erica and Tina could have. Tina hoped that her husband could support her in this unsuspected, unplanned term of events.  Her husband did that. He let her know that they could do it together. Tina meanwhile was thinking about the opportunity to meet a lifelong career goal of performing at the Grammy’s. In itself it makes us all think about what professional hopes we have. What do we do with them when we fall short of the goal?

GooGoo was hoping that her family would embrace the new man in her life. How often do we hope that the love interest in our lives meet with approval? That hope leads us to want the best for ourselves and the person in our life. Her hopes were met with resounding support. Even if Tina’s line of questioning seemed harsh all you could do is hope for the best.

Mitchell filled the ladies with the hope that they could do the best that they could with the limited time he had. He was willing to go back to his office and work on alternate plans.

The end result is hope. We need to always keep hope that it will work out.  Are you  open to hope?

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