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Summer is leaving us, and fall is on its way. As we all know, the change of season can make you lose that pep in your step. When your energy levels start plummeting, try one or all of Yahoo Shine’s “10 Simple, Practically Instant Energy Boosters.” 

We’ve jotted down some of our favorites.

Pump Up the Jam

“Fire up your iPod,” Yahoo Shine suggests. “Music can sharpen our mental focus and boost our mood.” The article suggests creating playlists for everyday things like getting up in the morning, driving to work or folding your laundry. The tunes will make these activities more exciting and keep you alert.

Break a Sweat

Yahoo Shine urges you to “get moving.” According to a study at the University of Georgia, “when sleep-deprived people exercise, their perceived level of energy increased by 20 percent and their fatigue was reduced by 65 percent.”

Phone a Friend

Yahoo Shine suggests you call up those people in your life who always “make the good times great and the bad times bearable.” If your energy is low, chances are you’re feeling burnt out. Your friend can help you to keep going.

Flower Power

You know that phrase “wake up and smell the roses”? That’s exactly what you should do. Having flowers around can really boost your mood and your energy levels. Grab a cheap bouquet of daisies. It’ll totally be worth it.

Say Please and Thank You

Staying positive and being mindful and grateful of your friends, family, health and life can keep your mind off feeling stressed and drained.