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The office can be the least comforting place to be.  I mean it only makes sense being that you are there to work! Nonetheless, there is no reason to have to spend most of your day in an environment that you don’t enjoy to be in!  Take a look at a few ways to improve your comfort level at work.  Do you think with more comfort you can actually be more productive?

1. A Great Chair: In our many years of computer usage, we’ve discovered one thing is true. You can have the best job in the world, but if your chair is uncomfortable, you spend your day slightly annoyed, frustrated and achy! Office chairs can range from high to low, but no matter what the price point, all that matters is that you can sit in it for more than an hour or two. We’ve had some well loved Steelcase chairs and some higher end chairs that have worked beautifully, it really depends on the person, how they’re built, and how they’ll be using the space. But comfort, hands down, starts here.

2. Layered Lighting: Overhead lighting and computer monitors just aren’t a great combination. Adding in a desk top lamp can do wonders to relieve eye strain and to create some additional warmth to a room that can typically feel cold and overly electronic. Some spaces work well with adjustable height task lamps, while others do great with more conventional styles. Try making the bottom of your lampshade just higher than the height of your monitor. It will go a long ways to producing the most light possible without overpowering your screen.

3. Floor Coverings: The quickest way to warm up a room (besides throwing open the windows) is with a rug. Now were always frustrated when we see magazine showrooms where there’s carpet, rugs and all other sorts of things to collect static! It just doesn’t seem practical, so if you aren’t so keen with throwing down a rug, maybe try some throw pillows instead. It will still make things feel a little softer without the static worries!

4. Artwork: Visually stimulating spaces breed creativity. At the same time, they can also end up distracting, depending on how busy you make things. Pick pieces with only a few colors in them (even if they are bright or bold) to help keep you focused instead of day dreaming! This is a great place to rotate art if you are short on space to display all of your finds.

5. Safe Beverage Spot: We mentioned coasters that are super at absorbing moisture a few weeks ago for good reason! It doesn’t matter if it’s morning, noon or night, it seems that work is just done better with a great beverage. Hot coffee can harm finishes on tables and cold sweaty beverages can be a puddle-y mess! Make a safe spot for drinks (or a small snack) to sit where it won’t be tipped over or bumped, even if accidentally.

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