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For those of you that have jobs, thank your God above for how blessed you are to be working. For those of you who are not working, you should do the same. Easier said than done – I know, especially for a man. Let me go a step further and say it is especially tough for a married man with children to be thankful while unemployed. There is no harder test for a man than to be unemployed when people are counting on him. Even if the people around you are understanding, as a man, you have a hard time dealing with it. Men are this way because God made us that way.

Our identities are rooted in the work that we perform. One of the first things men ask each other when they meet is what type of work do you do? The work you do usually determines all the other aspects of your life, as far as the quality of living you have. Men don’t have a lot of conversation beyond that at times, because after we know the work another man does, the rest is fill in the blanks – give or take a little depending on the man and the job. That is why many men go in to states of depression when they are unemployed.

If you are the female spouse of an unemployed man, here are a few things that can help you motivate him:

1) Do not belittle the work he has done. If at all possible do not bring it up. The support you have intended will probably not be received in the way you intended.

2) Never make him feel like he is less than a man because he is not working. Let him continue to be the man of the house even though he is not the main income source at this time. Crush his leadership and you crush him.

3) Do not try to do more work finding him a job than he wants you to do. It is probably best if you allow him to ask for your assistance instead of overwhelming him with your help. Pushing or nagging is going to result in a negative response.

4) Lastly, do not ignore your husband’s needs because he is not financially able to provide for his family. He has placed enough pressure on himself. Negative reinforcement will not work positively.

For those who are not working, keep the faith. Do not allow your joy to be stolen by our current economy. God is still God, and he has not forgotten you. Be diligent in your search for work and search for ways to improve your employ-ability. Do what you can to change what you can, and let God do the rest. Your door will open for you if you keep knocking. I Am Just Trying To Help.

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