By Lisa Claiborne November 2, 2009 9:00 am

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What are you doing to help the fatherless? At the end of the day will you be able to stand before God blameless or will your traditional thinking keep you bound? To think that feeding the hungry and clothing the poor is the only answer to helping the lost we’re sadly mistaken. In order to fix a problem we must get to the root. Many of the homeless and poor started out in orphanages as innocent babies with no world view, but are now paying for the sins of their fathers. What the church is doing to help them now is like putting a band aid on a shotgun wound. They are still bleeding to death!

Outreach efforts in the church are at an all time high and if that’s not your churches testimony I would say it’s time to shut the doors. If you are not in the business of teaching the salvation of Christ Jesus, what is the purpose? That being said, rather than the traditional efforts, why not offer more relevant information that people can really use? People are hurting and tired of church as usual; the big choir productions, the same pot lucks, fish fries, clothing drives etc., where they go enjoy themselves and get a spiritual high, then go home broke, busted, disgusted, fearful and defeated. When will it end?

Adoption Discovery is a 7 week curriculum that is designed to walk one through what can be the most difficult process imaginable, adoption. No other curriculum is as thorough or unbiased. They don’t decide what agency to send people to, but because all agencies are not created equal, they help your members make that decision by equipping them with all the information they need to decide on the agency that is right for them. These small group discussions are designed to be intimate based on the nature of adoption and the sensitive, but relevant questions that most people wouldn’t otherwise ask in a larger group environment for fear of being judged. Adoption Discovery’s leaders are always standing by to train and answer any tough questions that the assigned group leader in your church can not. Therefore, your members don’t have to leave their church to be fed the knowledge they need, but they are truly sustained at their local church by getting all the information one needs to make an informed decision about adoption.

When ministries are equipped to feed people with knowledge and understanding on any subject it makes them valuable not only to their members, but to the people within their community. It’s much easier to walk by faith when we have knowledge. No word, no faith. And more importantly, faith without works is dead. Want more people? Do more.

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