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As we have recently discovered from Whitney Houston’s toxicology report, Whitney was previously diagnosed with heart disease.  The LA Corners Office says that the cocaine found in her system may have caused a heart attack and consequently caused her to drown. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, especially […]

PRAISEHOUSTON.com – CNN Breaking News is reporting from the LA Coroner’s office that the cause of death of pop icon singer Whitney Houston has been ruled accidental by drowning. Reports from the coroner’s office also indicate Houston had already been diagnosed with heart disease but cocaine was found in her system at the time of […]

VIA ELEV8.com: Reports on various sites are stating that  Ray J has been so divinely  inspired that he may become a preacher. Could Ray J be contemplating a career shift that leads to the pulpit? Read: Watch Tina & Her Husband Teddy Have The “Dress Sexy” Talk [VIDEO] In the weeks following Whitney Houston’s  sudden, tragic […]

Patricia Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law & manager, revealed to Oprah that she felt Whitney Houston’s last days were occupied with Whitney “looking for love in all the wrong places.”   Ray J was never directly mentioned  by name, but it appears she was talking about Brandy’s little brother when she said, “The dream she [Whitney] was chasing was […]

Whitney Houston left her 19 year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina all of her furnishings, clothing, personal effects, jewelry and cars. TMZ reports, Whitney’s money will be put into a trustwhich Bobbi will have access to in stages when she turns 21, 25, and the rest when she turns 30. The will was just filed today in […]

Many are still shocked by the sudden death of pop-icon Whitney Houston. There are many questions surrounding her life as well as her death. However, one question remains to be seen: Did Whitney Houston go to heaven? One blogger has an answer. Kim Burrell said she did. Kevin Costner said she did. Marvin Winans, her eulogist, was […]

    via:eurweb After being found lifeless on Feb. 11 in a Beverly Hills hotel, fans and observers wondered what really happened, speculating drug overdose or a lethal mix of prescription drugs and alcohol. A source close to Houston told E! News, officials are likely to rule it an accident. Read More

Mary J. Blige was the guest co-host on “The View” yesterday and talked about attending Whitney Houston’s funeral and beating addiction. She talks openly about the conversation she had with Whitney Houston about being sober and what made her surrender her life to Jesus Christ. Related Stories: Behind The Scenes of Whitney Houston On The […]

In what became Whitney Houston’s last big screen role, she stars as Effie, the mother in the upcoming Sparkle. Everyone who worked with Whitney on the set of Sparkle talks about how she was “back”. Her voice was on point, her weight had picked up and her spirits were high! Take a look at some behind the […]

After an unofficial obituary hit the net, we finally got some candid photos of the real obituary from the homegoing services for Queen of Pop, singer Whitney Houston. Thanks to the Newsone.com team, we were able to see what the actual obituary looked like that the attendees from the invite-only services received. Check them out below. Front cover: […]