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Donald Trump refuses to release his taxes, but thanks to a New York Times article, we may now know why he is reluctant to share the info.

News One Exclusives

During last night's presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Clinton hammered the businessman-turned-politician about his taxes.

The Affordable Care Act helped a lot of people, but many didn’t think about the impact it would have on this tax season. Jennifer Owens…

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It’s tax season and you want to be prepared and knowledgeable about what you are doing. Listen to the audio player to hear Dr. Deena…


via:christianpost The U.S. House of Representatives late Tuesday passed a bill, 257-167, to avoid the “fiscal cliff.” President Barack Obama said he will sign the bill into law. The bill passed with a majority of Democrats, 172-16, and a minority of Republicans, 85-151. It was negotiated by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Vice […]

On Friday, President Barack Obama will meet with Congress and civic leaders, such as Majority Leader Harry Reid, Rev. Al Sharpton, Speaker of the House…

via:christianpost While an estimated 60 million people turned to the TV to watch the presidential debate Wednesday night, millions more joined the live water cooler conversation on Twitter. In the Christian community, the best known Christian leaders appeared to mostly stay away from tweeting their thoughts on the debate between President Barack Obama and Governor […]

MSNBC.Com is reporting that the House of Representatives will vote on the renewal of the payroll tax cut later on this week, House Speaker John Boehner said on Wednesday. Boehner said the House has come to an agreement, but are still working out details. Read More

The child actor, known as Webster from his hit television series from the 80's, had to give up his home to pay off the tax man. How much did he really owe?