From  the streets of  the south side of Chicago to hip-hop legacy, Common shares his thoughts on the importance of valuing your life. ” ]

    via:blackchristiannews   Christian worship has always had its musical accompaniment but the beat and the bel canto of it have altered with the times. The initial influence of Judaism led to the singular and enduring sound of Gregorian chant. The rich music of the Renaissance filled choir lofts. The heartfelt lamentations of an […]

  via:blackchristiannews   Gospel sensation Marvin Sapp has seen his share of adversity. But in the end, he’s able to claim a victory. His latest album, “I Win,” is his public declaration. Sapp’s wife, MaLinda, died in 2010 of colon cancer, leaving him to raise their three children. Before that, he’d lost three important men: […]

via:christianpost Saddleback Church Senior Pastor Rick Warren, making an appearance on the OWN network’s “Oprah’s Lifeclass,” assigned a “homework assignment” to the audience by telling them to open up the Bible and start reading the Book of John.  “You are a product of your past, but you are not a prisoner of your past. It […]

By Rev. Mark H. Creech via:christianpost Are you afraid of dying? You don’t have to be in a life-threating situation to be afraid of death. Most people whenever they contemplate dying are afraid of it. It’s the subject we like to avoid talking about. But fear of death need not plague a person of faith. […]

  via:christianpost   Rick Warren, pastor of SaddlebackChurch in Lake Forest, Calif., kicked off a six-week sermon series on the topic of “Doing Business With God” over the weekend, and explained that, contrary to popular belief, Adam and Eve worked in the Garden of Eden and people will work in heaven as well.  “Some people […]

  Bu Thom S. Rainer   via:christianpost     I don’t particularly like the “quick-fix” formula some pundits offer to leaders of churches that are plateaued or experiencing a decline. The approaches often appear to be man-centered and methodological. Indeed, many times I think the solutions offered could just as easily apply to a civic […]

Life is Good.  Whenever you get down and forget that, be encouraged that you are blessed and this too shall pass.  Renowned author and spiritual advisor, Iyanla Vanzant shares an uplifting message for serenity. Related Articles: The Many Writings of Iyanla Vanzant Wholeness Blessing: We Are Not Broken Minute Mediation- Prayer for Happiness

Spiritual / Medical Guru, Deepak Chopra’s upcoming conference, called the Sages and Scientists Symposium: The Merging of A New Future, is only one in a wave of gatherings through which hundreds of researchers are working to define a new paradigm for the relationship between spirituality and science. By Deepak Chopra, Special to CNN For most […]

This video is for those who say, “it’s just hair,” implying it has no real significance. This sister uses examples from our ancient civilizations of Kush, Nubia, and Kemet/Ta-Mery, then compares them to “modern” styles of Afrikan cultures today in West, Central, and Southern Afrika. This sister even demonstrates that locs are not an invention […]