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Getty Images The Maria Fidelis Roman Catholic Convent School Gospel Getty Images. The Maria Fidelis Roman Catholic Convent School Gospel Choir





Christian worship has always had its musical accompaniment but the beat and the bel canto of it have altered with the times. The initial influence of Judaism led to the singular and enduring sound of Gregorian chant. The rich music of the Renaissance filled choir lofts. The heartfelt lamentations of an enslaved people made an emotive and joyful noise unto the Lord.


The influence of church music during the Roman Empire was pervasive. Christianity was the official religion of the empire and a powerful, centralized Roman Catholic Church patronized and cultivated liturgical music, more or less unchallenged, from the earliest days of Christianity through the medieval period. The first Christian music was Jewish vocal chant. The church embraced non-instrumental music to solidify its dominance over competing pagan religions that offered a cacophony of instrumental accompaniments to their rites.


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