Sesame Street

He found a concrete spot on Sesame Street as Mr. Handford, who ran Hooper's Store on the show from 1990 to 1998. Fans took to Twitter to offer condolences to the beloved actor.

It’s officially the end of an era. Everyone’s favorite Sesame Street neighbor Maria, played by actress Sonia Manzano, is leaving the famed children’s program after…

First Lady Michelle Obama and Sesame Street’s Big Bird teamed up to film two public service announcements encouraging kids to eat healthy and get active.…

via:christianpost Democratic strategists are scrambling to deploy a “Big Bird” strategy against Mitt Romney, but the debate over whether public broadcasting should continue to be subsidized has become serious business. During last Wednesday’s presidential debate, Republican nominee Mitt Romney mentioned Big Bird, a puppet from PBS’ “Sesame Street,” in making an argument about what could […]

Puppeteer Kevin Clash had a dream at nine that made him decide that Jim Henson is who he wanted to work with. Now, the man who voices Elmo, has a documentary about his life arriving in theaters in 2012.

Focus is also placed on malaria prevention in a country where the disease kills around 300 000 people a year – or nearly a third of one million malaria deaths on the continent. And it seeks to get the HIV and AIDS message across in an easy-to-understand way for children in Africa, the continent worst hit by the virus.


      If you have a young girl who have asked the question, “Why does my hair curl up and not lay flat?” then this video is for you. This new Sessame Street character is teaching young african-american kids to be happy with what they have and love themselves.   Click here to read […]


Sesame Street" is made for kids, but darn it, it's a pretty good show no matter how old you are. The program, which has been on the air for decades, isn't just educational — it's also very funny. Want an example? A buzzy clip of Grover lampooning the hugely popular Old Spice commercials is stirring up the Search box.

All across the airwaves,  media outlets reported long standing children’s’ show, “Sesame Street” was pulling the skit of singer Katy Perry and Elmo’s remix of “Hot and Cold” off their season premiere episode due to excessive comments from parents complaining about too much cleavage from the “I Kissed A Girl” star. What appeared to be […]