Replacing the word “God” with “universe” could have an impact in how people who place their faith in science receive the Bible, according to music artist and producer Pharrell Williams. The super producer’s vocals and uptempo track have been featured in a collaboration with gospel musician Kirk Franklin for the song “123 Victory Remix.” When […]

With bittersweet emotion, President Obama attended his sixth and final White House Science Fair on Wednesday, witnessing projects from more than 130 bright students, who presented ideas to save the planet, and treat Ebola, reports NBC News.

"It looks like I'm special, but I'm not. I'm no different from anybody else," Hadiyah-Nicole Green said. "When opportunity found me, I was prepared."

via:christianpost The finances of Christians who tithe are generally healthier than the finances of those who do not, according to a new report that takes a close look at the financial, spiritual and giving practices of people who give 10 percent or more of their income away to churches and charities each year. Researchers compared […]

The Omicron Character Building Camp is opening registration to all families with kids that want to have futuristic fun this summer.  The camp starts on June 17th and will continue until August 23rd.  Each family is encouraged to register early because there is limited space.  Our goal is to instill character within the kids that […]

    Peter Popoff, the controversial televangelist who amassed millions from a “prophetic anointing” that was later revealed to have come, at least in part, from information fed to him over a radio by his wife, Elizabeth, is now hawking baggies of “miracle spring water” that promises to rid its drinkers from debt. The wealth-attracting […]

via:blackchristiannews Does the Shroud of Turin actually date back to the time of Jesus’ death? New research suggests yes. Many believe the shroud was the cloth used to bury Jesus after his crucifixion. Other people claim it’s just a medieval forgery. Read More

      via:blackchristiannews Like most Americans, you may have noticed the price of chicken has risen by nearly a quarter over the past year. Fresh vegetables and produce are increasingly more expensive. Feeding the average family of four is taking a toll on the poor, low-income and middle-class alike. The Bureau of Labor Statistics […]

Texas Woman’s University – School of Management exemplifies empowerment and leadership. The graduate students of Texas Woman’s University – Houston will host the Spring Scholarship Gala 2013 to fund a scholarship in honor of Dr. Paula Ann Hughes to benefit students pursuing their master’s degree in business administration. Through the generosity and support of our […]

via:christianpost A recent survey taken by LifeWay Research shows a majority of adults in the U.S. believe businesses and organizations should be mandated to provide contraception and birth control for their employees. Interestingly, the respondents feel even organizations and businesses with strong religious objections should not be exempted. According to the LifeWay Research survey, nearly […]