Pastor Dre Burgs discusses what’s different about his approach to being a pastor that allows him to reach the “de-churched and the un-churched.” Plus, he talks…

Bishop Secular decided to invite a local Catholic priest who goes to the same gym as him to preach at his church, and was quiet surprised…

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Welcome to this episode of Behind-The-Praise. Anita Wilson sits down with Praise 104.1‘s Cheryl Jackson for Behind the Praise (BTP) and opens up about her…

Bishop Gibson must decide whether or not lose his gangster mentality in order to ascend the ranks, while Pastor Haizlip’s body ink allows him to reach a totally new brand of convert. Check out the full episode below: prea  

Bishop Jones tries to come to terms with his commitment issues, while Deitrick must choose between preaching and his music career. Just in case you missed it, watch the full episode below:

via:christianpost A pastor in charge of community building and small groups feels it’s so important for churches to make a good impression on first-time church visitors from the moment they walk onto a church campus that he’s come up with a list of 10 statements that just might do the opposite and turn churchgoers away. […]

Comedian Bruce Bruce knows a thing or two about pimpin and he has a sure fire way to tell if your favorite preacher is a pimp. Find out here.

  By: Greg Stier   via:christianpost   I don’t run triathalons or marathons. Nor am I a fitness freak. But, as a 47 year old preacher, I’ve become increasingly aware of my mortality and the ever sagging effects of gravity.  It was early on in my ministry experience that I began to realize that I […]

via: A 62-year-old preacher from Virginia died immediately after giving his final sermon on Sunday morning. WAVY reports. See More

This pint-sized preacher is something else. Take a look!<!--more-->