New music from The Anointed Pace Sisters is on the way!Yes, following the 2009 release of ‘Access Granted’, the ‘already done’ singers are now gearing…

Erica Campbell, one half of the phenomenal Grammy winning duo Mary Mary, stepped out in New York this Sunday to perform the first single “A…

R&B legend Stevie Wonder has just released a new song showcasing his support for President Barack Obama. The song, entitled Keep Moving Forward , highlights some of Obama’s policies and plans for the next four years. Check out the video below.

In homage  to the golden age of Astros’ baseball, the newly commissioned logo recalls the iconic white H centered in orange star, on a navy blue background. Channeling the days of the Ryan Express barreling its way through the opposition in front of sold-out Astrodome crowds , the new logo serves to do something that […]

Congratulations to Gospel music icon Kim Burrell, who just signed a new contract with Arrow Records. The record label is owned by Creflo and Taffi Dollar, and is also home to Gospel great Ann Nesby. Click here for more info.

Jessica Reedy made a surprise pit-stop at one of our sister stations,  praise 103.9, and dropped some secrets about her life that she’s never told any of her fans. Check the video out here.

A new survey by the Pew Research Center shows that President Obama is ahead of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney by 8 percentage points, 51 to 43 percent, which is the largest advantage the survey has shown for any presidential nominee since Clinton. For the full scoop, click here.

via: (CNN) — Whenever a hugely popular and successful company goes public, many people wonder what will happen to all the newly created millionaires. What will they do now that they are financially “set for life”? Will there be “1,000 millionaires”? Will they suffer “sudden wealth syndrome”? Read More

via (CNN) — One of the most highly anticipated apps for Apple devices was made available on Wednesday. At least, until it wasn’t. See More

Most beneficiaries can change a Medicare Advantage plan or stand-alone Medicare prescription drug plan once per year during Medicare’s annual enrollment period (AEP). The dates for AEP changed this year, and run from October 15 to December 7 in 2011.