Hopefully, Lance Gross will take the time to reflect on why his holiday social media post triggered tense conversations and explore the impact of colorism on communities of color.

Here’s a list of SOME celebrities who attended Howard University.

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The entertainment industry isn’t easy, but Lance Gross says it’s not impossible either. He talks to the “The James Fortune Show” about how his faith…

Exclusive Interviews

Lance Gross is a superstar actor, but before making it on the big screen he was headed down another path. He talks to “The James…

via:eurweb Up and coming director Matthew Cherry has locked down the cast for his feature film debut, “The Last Fall.” So, if you somehow got this far without seeing the title of this story, Lance Gross and Nicole Behari, have signed on to star in Cherry’s first feature, described as “a coming of age sports […]

  via:blackamericaweb Not every black person makes it to college, and among those that do, not everyone graduates. But for the ones who go on to get that important credential, representing for their alma mater can become a big part of their lives. And there’s no better time to rep for your school than during […]