Houston police will use bomb sniffing dogs Thursday morning as they search through a  Houston synagogue. Bomb threats were made to Congregation Beth Israel and Congregation…

  via:christianpost As a single and divorced man, it took Pastor Duke Taber eight years and more than 185 rejection letters before finding a congregation that would consider him as leader of their church. Even after three years as the lead pastor of a small church in Pine Haven, Wyo., Taber said he still gets […]

via:christianpost A church consultant says that when it comes to pastors’ salaries, the small minority of preachers who live lavishly should not be reason to underpay the other 400,000 pastors leading churches. A pastor’s salary is a quiet issue, Thom Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, acknowledged in a December blog post. It […]

  via:christianpost   The number of megachurches may have exploded in the U.S. over the last few decades but the landscape is changing and people are seemingly less attracted to the big box churches or the “come and see” experience, two pastors observed.   “The megachurch is kind of like the great shopping malls of […]

  By  Dan Delzell via:christianpost   If you are a Christian who prefers to stick with definitions which are found in the Bible when explaining your faith to others, try doing this sometime. Ask the spiritual leader at your church, “Is it fine if I never use our denominational label, but instead only identify myself as […]

      Simply passing the collection plate during Sunday services in order to help meet the budget was not good enough for the leaders of a small church in Mississippi.  So two years ago, the pastor and leaders of Traceway Baptist Church in Clinton began to pray about how to better serve their community. […]

  By:  Ginny Mooney via:christianpost   Author Ken Myers doesn’t believe “the culture” is the biggest challenge facing the Church today. Rather, it’s the culture in the church that’s the problem as many believers live not fully transformed by the Gospel.  Myers is the founder and host of Mars Hill Audio journal, a bimonthly audio magazine […]

. Attending religious services regularly and having close friends in the congregation are key to having a happier, more satisfying life, a study finds. Source: USA Today | Michelle Healy

For most of its 94 years, St. John Baptist has served a predominantly African-American congregation. Yet, nowadays the Sunday services boast a nearly 50/50 split of black and white folks in the pews.