Beef noodle soup at Pho Binh Critic Alison Cook calls the pho at Pho Binh among the best she’s ever had. And who are we to disagree? The super clear, cinnamon- and anise-tinged broth is near perfection. I’m a fan of the meatballs, but my best pho buddy thinks the brisket

          By Karen Ansel, R.D., Women’s Health via:yahoohealth   Whoever coined the phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” might as well have been talking about the nutritional potential of food. “When we eat certain foods together, their components work in sync—they produce health-promoting results that far […]

Here at Praise, we love to eat out every now and then. (Sometimes food comes to us!) So this story was a shock when we first saw what some on these cheifs said about what happens in their kitchens! What does a cheif tip a waiter? Why do they run specials? Do they mess with your food when you send it back twice? You have to read this story to find out whats on the menu!

This is for all of the folks who like to frequent the salad bar. You might be messing up your calorie count geting that cheddar cheese and full-fat ranch dressing! Salads can be healthy if you choose the right stuff to put on it. Hold on pilling up the diced ham on that romaine until after you read this one!


The grill isn’t designed to cook meat; it's designed to cook food. To harness fire so you can sear, char, and caramelize any number of meats, vegetables, and fruits. A hot gridiron is a place where bland asparagus wilts into a backyard delicacy, homemade pizza crisps into an artesian flatbread, and ordinary fruit transforms into a gourmet dessert infused with the smoky signature of the grill.

Blogger Sarah McColl lets you in on some quick summer recipies for that rotisserie chicken your thinking of picking up tonight. Your welcome for the dinner idea!