In this edition of the Ericaism, Erica Campbell recalls a time when her phone had died and she was tasked with the challenge of remember some important phone numbers, rather than just clicking on them in her contact list. She explains that sometimes, modern day advancements can make us use our brains less. But our […]

In today’s Wellness Wednesday segment, Yolanda Adams shares how you can change those negative thoughts of yours into more positive thoughts and it’s all has…

Living with Alzheimer’s is not easily done. Whether you are the patient or the caretaker, life with Alzheimer’s can be stressful. Our Kevin Charles gives…

If you are an avid music lover like myself, you most likely woke up this morning with a song floating around in your mind. That song followed you through your daily routines, rolling around in your head like the apple in your lunch bag, causing you to hum along and maybe even dance a bit […]


When that last school bell rings, kids celebrate the end of classes and the beginning of a long, lazy summer. But for many kids, the end of the school year also marks the beginning of summer brain drain – and it could do them more harm than you think. According to the National Summer Learning […]

From NPR Scientists are making the first attempts to understand spiritual experience – and what happens in the brains and bodies of people who believe they connect with the divine. The field is called “neurotheology,” and although it is new, it’s drawing prominent researchers in the U.S. and Canada. Scientists have found that the brains […]