In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF talks about how he feels so overwhelmed and confused about his cellphone bill every month, which he tries to stay on top of. He says he’s switched companies so many times, and he’s so sick of paying so much extra money because of his data going over all […]

A “religious exemption bill” in Georgia that allows pastors to pass on performing gay ceremonies has seemingly morphed into new forms that have become what…

Tips have always been what the waitstaff relies on to make money in a restaurant, but what if one day, your tips were included in the…

Here’s a list of resources to keep you safe during tropical storm Bill. Flood Resources Preparation City of Houston Office of Emergency Management Houstonians should begin preparing now for the potential of heavy rain, wind and power outages as this system begins tracking towards the city. Begin taking the following steps to be prepared for […]

Beginning Monday, new rules take effect regarding Texans who apply for a new driver’s license or ID card. Those persons will need to show proof… The Florida Senate passed a bill on Wednesday allowing student-led prayer or other inspirational messages at public school events, drawing mixed reaction from residents.  Sponsored by Sen. Gary Siplin (D-Orlando), the legislation known as CS/SB 98 will permit individual school boards to adopt a policy allowing students to deliver “inspirational messages” at functions like […]

A Houston mom opens her kids' cell phone bill finding nearly $10,000 dollars in charges. How in the world can two kids rack up a $9,530 dollar cell phone bill?

Have you seen the new 100 dollar bill??? Looks like something out of a futuristic movie!!!

Obama on Saturday announced he would make 15 recess appointments U.S. Chamber of Commerce denounces appointment to NLRB Major labor group applauds choice of Craig Becker to board Some administration appointments have been held up for months in the Senate

For those of you who may not understand the process of getting a bill passed, here's a funny yet informative video from back in the day's "School House Rock"!