The Pastor Rudy Experience Where Religion and Real Life Intersect

Congress tackled the role of religion and ethics in the politically explosive immigration debate Wednesday as biblical passages and church doctrines were invoked during a heated discussion of various reform proposals.

According to Chosen Chick, they have nothing on the women in the Bible!

John Piper considers what the Bible says about lying–and what it says about truth. “Is honesty really the best policy?” This is a notorious question. And it is important, but not as important as asking what it is inside of us that tempts us to be dishonest. My first response to this question is to […]


//   Written by Ingrid Michelle for No where in the Bible does God ever say that He will “humble” you…at least I don’t think.  There is reference to Moses reminding the children of Israel of their stint in the desert – that He (the Lord) would humble them but most every other references […]

A group of black pastors is looking to spread biblical teaching and quash the prosperity gospel teachings that have been proliferating in their churches.

VIA:BIBLE.COM Working God’s System Scripture: Mark 4:26 And he said, So is the kingdom of God, as if a man should cast seed into the ground.