Can’t figure out how to make your latest gadget work? Well … you tried reading the manual, right? Right?I admit it … I’m one of those guys who’d rather charge right in and start futzing with a new cell phone, laptop, game console, or other cool gadget than sit down and flip through the user […]

CHRIST IS A ‘HE’ WHO WANTS TO BECOME A ‘SHE’: Sexually confused Jesus sparks protest. November 9, 2009 *A theatrical play where Jesus was portrayed as a transsexual woman has residents in Glasgow, Scotland protesting. More than 300 demonstrators waved placards and sang gospel songs during a two hour candlelight vigil outside the Tron Theatre […]

In Seattle, unemployed people with an important interview coming up can drop off their outfits at National Drycleaners, where the shop will launder their suit or dress for free. Owner Mike Erstad started offering the free cleaning in May 2009; he says the response has been fantastic. One man’s suit drop-off seemed particularly necessary, Erstad […]

Ok ok, I know this may take some getting used to but I would not have you try anything that I have not tried myself. I had friends over for dinner and I served meatloaf, veggies and mashed cauliflower. We did not tell my girlfriend’s husband (who hates cauliflower) and he did not know the […]

Saratoga Springs made history Tuesday night, becoming the first Utah city to elect a black woman as mayor. Councilwoman Mia Love defeated challenger Jeff Francom in the contest to replace outgoing Mayor Timothy Parker. “I am absolutely honored,” Love said. “I am so excited.” And in Provo, John Curtis beat Rep. Stephen D. Clark to […]

EGYPT (ANS) — On October 24, 2009 Egyptian State Security recently arrested a Christian Copt in the village of Deir Samalout, Samalout, Minia province, for praying “without a license.” The incident occurred on Oct. 24 2009. According to a story by Mary Abdelmassih of the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA), he was held in prison […]


By Aswad Walker Via: In these tumultuous times when the world, in general, and individuals, more specifically, are fixated on huge quality of life issues such as health care reform and the economic recession/recovery, many people are making their way back to the church, temple, mosque or other faith-specific places of worship. Newsweek, cited […]

Get out yo car and praise him NOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

Black Smoke Music artists James Fortune & FIYA are gearing up for their first live recording. The CD/DVD session takes place on Dec. 3, 2009 at the Arena Theatre in Houston, TX. Special guests for the recording include Coco Brother and Pastor William Murphy III. The aggregation’s most recent effort The Transformation produced the hit […]

A church leader in Arizona has been sentenced for disturbing the peace for playing a very loud recording of ringing church bells.      The presiding judge sided with neighborhood residents who said the ringing bells were a rude shock regardless of how it was meant.       Bishop Rick Painter, rector of the Cathedral of Christ […]