They are remaking "The Karate Kid" and Jaden Smith is the star!

End of the Year Sale….Everything Must Go!!!<!--more-->

Senate Prepares to Vote on Health Care Bill Christmas Eve By a majority vote — the last needed to end debate on the health care legislation — Democrats defeated a series of points of orders raised by Republicans, including one that questioned whether the requirement for all Americans to purchase health insurance was constitutional. “Everyone… […]

Here is my pick of On Demand holiday movies for quality viewing with the visitors in your home this week and next!

Was The Importance Of Obtaining A Good Education Stressed In Your Home? It Was in This Home and It Could Be A Family Affair At Yale.

Hard Work And A Commitment To Serve!!! How Far Will That Really Take You... Into The History Books Of Change.

He beat out Scooby-Doo and The Pound Puppies!?!

I think too often we — whether singles, Christians, whatever — tend to “tag along” with ideas without asking any questions Certain ideas and ways of doing things have just become the status quo. We blindly adopt the “if they’re doing it, I probably should too” ideology.

The holiday season can be the loneliest time of the year, especially during the month of December. Even though the research refutes the notion that the highest rate of suicide occurs in the month of December, many people do experience the Holiday Blues because of the loss of a loved one, exhaustion, separation from family […]