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1. She was the queen who refused to be shown off at King Xerxes’ banquet. Your Answer: Esther The correct answer was Vashti. Ironically, her name means “beautiful woman”. Xerxes was so angry he sent a decree out that all men should be the head of their own households, and banished Vashti from his kingdom, […]

There is one area where single Christians are stuck wrestling with an issue that is specifically related to their singleness: it’s not community or ministry; it’s sex. While all Christians are called to chastity, for married couples that means forsaking all others besides their spouse. For the rest of us, it means forsaking sex, period. […]

By Associated Press December 1, 2009 10:00 am Via:  PRETORIA, South Africa — South Africa will treat all HIV-positive babies and expand testing, the president announced Tuesday, a dramatic and eagerly awaited shift in a country that has more people living with HIV than any other. President Jacob Zuma’s speech on World AIDS Day […]


Via: For the second year since 1994, four African-American undergraduates have won Rhodes Scholarships, which carry with them the privilege of studying at Oxford, England’s oldest and most venerated university. Named for the South African mining magnate, Cecil John Rhodes, the scholarships, worth about $50,000 each for two years, have been prominent passports to […]