FROM BLACKDOCTOR.ORG: Nothing will kill the enthusiasm needed for exercise faster than boredom. Even the most committed people will admit that, sometimes, putting one foot in front of the other can get a little old — especially if you’re covering the same old route or the same old piece of treadmill-rubber day after day. Almost […]

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Lesser performer Dewyze takes ‘Idol’ crown

Meet Ardi Rizal, a two-year-old Sumatran baby who smokes some forty cigarettes a day. The government has offered to buy his parents a car if he stops, but they claim he gets too angry without smokes.

According to, BP has begun a "top kill" procedure to contain oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, a company spokesman said Wednesday.

With Memorial Day right around the corner, chances are you’ll be grilling somewhere this weekend. If you’re like most of us with limited space, here are some mini-grills that you can work with for your BBQ this holiday weekend:

For every material girl obsessed with her gems this product is a dream come true.

God can reverse every curse in your life – from the financial and physical to the generational and spiritual. The prophet Elisha would

Mega-churches across the country’s heartland have served as the training grounds for many of the Fox show’s contestants, with

Retail gasoline prices fell across Texas for a second week in a row this week. The weekly AAA Texas gasoline price survey released on Thursday shows the average price for a gallon of unleaded regular fell 5 cents this week to $2.74. Nationally, the average price fell 5 cents to $2.84 per gallon The lowest […]