A 15-year-old is being hailed a hero after he and a friend heroically find an abducted 5-year-old girl in Lancaster, Penn.

Temar Boggs and his friend took to the street on bicycles after police scoured their neighborhood in search for Jocelyn Rojas. Rojas was lured away from her front yard by a man who offered her ice cream, according to local FOX affiliate Channel 43.

Watch Temar Boggs and Jocelyn Rojas’ Family Talk About the Incident Below!

Half a mile from the home, Boggs saw Jocelyn seated inside the man’s car and began pursuit for 15 minutes after he became aware of the boys following him.

“Every time we’d go down the street, he’d turn back around, and then … we’ll follow him,” Temar told CNN affiliate WGAL.

The dramatic scene came to an end when the alleged kidnapper let the girl go. Jocelyn ran into the arms of her rescuers and was reunited with her mother.

Police are still seeking the man accused of snatching the girl from her yard.

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