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The urban legend “Fountain of Youth” is known to restore youth to anyone who drinks from it. Bernando LaPallo hasn’t quite drunk from this fountain, but he does have a few secrets that has helped him live to see 110 years. covers this video below:

Check out Bernando’s 10 Secrets To Living a Longer Life:


One of the major benefits of raw honey is that it’s nature’s own multivitamin. Vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and even antioxidant-rich vitamin C are found in raw honey. It also contains minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium chlorine, sulphur, and phosphate. WWW.FITSUGAR.COM


It contains many vitamins and minerals and therefore comes with a great deal of health benefits, ranging from being an all-natural anti inflammatory to being able to assist with lowering blood sugar levels. WWW.NATURALNEWS.COM


Cocoa, and its special mix of antioxidant flavonoids, has been widely studied for its heart protective effects. Several studies have found that consuming cocoa products reduces platelet aggregation in arteries, which is a step in the formation of plaque that can clog arteries. WWW.MEALSMATTER.COM


The beneficial health effects of olive oil are due to both its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and its high content of antioxidative substances. Studies have shown that olive oil offers protection against heart disease by controlling LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels while raising HDL (the “good” cholesterol) levels. WWW.HEALINGDAILY.COM


For starters, the saturated animal fat in red meat contributes to heart disease and atherosclerosis. Recent research also shows that frequent red meat eaters face twice the risk of colon cancer as those who indulge less often. Red meat is also thought to increase the risks of rheumatoid arthritis and endometriosis. WWW.HEALTHYANDLIVING.COM


These studies have consistently shown that sleep plays a vital role in promoting physical health, longevity, and emotional well-being. Over time, chronic sleep deprivation may lead to an array of serious medical conditions including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even early mortality. WWW.BETTER-SLEEP-BETTER-LIFE.COM


Reading is to the brain what physical exercise is to the body. When both activities are combined, they can help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression and can improve overall health. Reading can also provide rejuvenation, inspiration and nourishment for the soul. It’s easier to serve others if you enjoy regular quiet time to delve into inspirational books and have your personal experience challenged, affirmed and uplifted. WWW.CHERLMILLERVILLE.COM


Researchers in the field of psychoneuroimmunology (mind/body interplay) report growing evidence on the positive effects of faith in God or a Higher Power on your health. his does not mean that faith in God or a Higher Power should ever replace much-needed medical treatment. However, having faith in something greater than yourself offers a type of curative power, helping you to disconnect unhealthy worries and replace these with soothing belief. WWW.SHARECARE.COM


Walking at a moderate 3 mile per hour (mph) pace for at least three and a half hours every week (30 minutes a day) has been shown to dramatically reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, hip fractures, glaucoma, osteoporosis, cancer, depression and many other health problems. WWW.COMMONSENSEHEALTH.COM