Reach Records, the home of Lecrae & Tadashii, attempts to answer this question with an upcoming tour and mini movie. I am in awe of what God is doing in this season with christian hip hop. While others are sitting around and talking about solutions, the hip hop comunity is taking action. Check it!


There’s an ongoing war within urban culture. Confusion over what manhood is has plagued our cities, families and lives. The concept of a biblical man has been lost in our generation. Unfortunately, many churches struggle to provide its urban members, much less those beyond their walls, with a tangible definition of a real man.


In partnership with ReachLife Ministries and Reach Records, Man Up is a new campaign, calling men in the hip-hop culture to true biblical manhood–summed up by leading courageously, rejecting passivity, accepting responsibility and pursuing humility, through repentance and faith in Christ.The campaign consists of a short film, small group curriculum, music soundtrack and concert series. It is our call for men in urban culture to repent for their failure to become the men that God has created them to be and for believers to live as who they truly are in Christ.


The short film takes a look at six different areas of manhood that young men fail to live up to. By taking a look at the common challenges and responses of young men in urban culture, we hope to reveal the need for clarity on what being a man truly means.

A curriculum is also available through ReachLife Ministries to accompany the short film and promote further discussion in small group settings.


The soundtrack of Man UP is from Reach Records and delves into the concepts addressed in the film and curriculum. Later this year, audiences can experience a showing of the film, a panel discussion on manhood, and a live concert as the Man Up concert series makes stops in select cities.

It is our hope that men everywhere will answer the call to Man Up

8/6 New York

8/13 Orlando

10/14 – Detroit

10/15- Dallas

10/21- Los Angeles

10/22 -Houston

NOTE: The concert series is not only for men, it is open to all.


Man Up Official Movie Trailer from ReachLife Ministries on Vimeo.

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