CBS is looking to bring back “Two and a Half Men.” “New York Post” reports producers may be retooling the hit sitcom so it can return to the airwaves without former star Charlie Sheen. The show stopped abruptly when CBS fired Sheen in March for making disparaging comments about “Two and a Half Men” creator Chuck Lorre. CBS chairman Les Moonves told reporters Tuesday the producers are “exploring different ideas” on how to make the show work without the troubled actor. Moonves did not reveal many details but said, quote, “There are obviously a lot of moving pieces. We’re sort of waiting on them.” The latest news follows reports last month that Lorre was making big changes to the show, including writing Sheen out, giving co-star Jon Cryer a bigger role and adding a cast member. Sheen responded with profanity-laced tirades predicting “Two and a Half Men” would fail without him.