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Happy Thursday Saints.

Most of you that read my daily blogs already know that I’m about to have my 1st child. Well to the fathers-to-be…

If You’re an Expectant Dad…

Be an active participant.

Go to all of your wife’s OB visits, hear your baby’s heartbeat, watch him squirm around in the ultrasound. Take a childbirth prep course and commit to being with your partner throughout the whole labor and delivery. Bring a stopwatch with you to the hospital to time contractions. Guys who get involved early on and stay that way right to the end have been shown to be as connected with their babies as their expectant wives are.

Plan ahead.

Who’s taking off work after the baby comes and for how long? Do you have a birth plan with preferences for labor and delivery options? What are the benefits of breastfeeding and how can you offer your wife encouragement? Have these discussions now. Trying to fit them in between contractions is too late.

Think about money.

Now’s a good time to rewrite your will (or write one in the first place), buy life insurance, and even start a college savings plan. It may seem a little early, but take advantage of the pre-baby calm. Otherwise, you may put these things off for years.

Get the house ready.

Make sure you’ve set up a baby-safe crib. In addition stock plenty of diapers and baby wipes, and pre-wash lots of the types of clothes and blankets a baby will need in his first few days. Finally, you’ll need an infant car seat, a stroller, and a front pack or sling. You’re going to need these right away so you might as well get them now.

Get your own bag.

When getting ready to leave the hospital after your baby arrives, remember to ask hospital staff for a complimentary baby gift bag such as the new Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™ BACKPACK. Parents will appreciate that the high quality black canvas backpack can be worn by mom or dad without embarrassment. It’s great for organizing and safekeeping baby essentials and is filled with valuable information about infant care and nutrition and special gifts including. In addition, the backpack contains a 12 oz sample of new GOOD START® Gentle PLUS™ formula. To find out if your hospital carries the backpack, click here.

Once You Bring Your Baby Home…

Jump in!

Don’t worry about making a few mistakes. Being a good dad – just like being a good mom – comes with practice. The sooner you start holding and caring for your baby, the sooner you’ll learn what she needs and what you have to do to comfort her. So cuddle her, talk to her, sing to her, read to her, and show her the sights, sounds, and smells of her new world.

Be a partner, not a helper.

After money, couples argue most about who does what around the house. The more responsibility you take on, the happier your wife will be, the happier you’ll be, and the stronger your relationship with your wife and your baby will be. For example, you might want to explore some different scheduling options for work: getting into the office an hour or two early might give you and your baby a few relaxed hours together in the afternoons. Or if your baby is being bottle-fed, do your fair share of the feedings. You might want to work out a system in which the one who does the 3 a.m. feeding gets to sleep in (or gets breakfast in bed.)

Stand your ground.

If you’re feeling left out, talk to your wife about it. Show her that you’re serious about wanting to be an equal participant, and that you’re ready and able to do the job.

Support breastfeeding.

Ideally, your baby should have nothing but breastmilk for the first six months. But nursing is sometimes hard for new moms. Make sure your partner gets plenty of fluids and rest, and encourage her every way you can by helping her create the right quiet atmosphere she needs to relax with baby and devote the time and attention required for breastfeeding. Think low lights and limited noise. Not only does the right environment put baby in the mood, but it also sends mom’s body the signal that it’s time to let the milk flow.

Don’t forget your relationship.

Before you became parents, you and your wife spent a lot of time together, building your relationship. But now, your baby is the focus of nearly everything you do. Set aside some time every day to talk with your partner—about something other than the baby.

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