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I Am About to Bring You Through

Please do not take for granted where you sit this night. For the knowledge and the anointing that I will give unto thee will soon cause you to take flight—to come to another level of that which I have called you to. And even in doing so, the things you have struggled with, I am the Lord and I will bring you through. Do not allow the reports that you hear in this world each day to deter you, and cause you to sway. For I am the Lord, and I have already determined the way. This night your ears will be anointed to hear. For all that you need to know is dwelling near. So with hunger, reach out and taste and see. For I am going to cause those things that I have promised you to be. Now do not worry about the things that are to come, for I am about to bring the works of the devil to none. And he will not be victorious, not at all against thee. For you are the generation I will cause to see my glory and my anointing as it begins to rise up in these last days. And in these days, I’ll instruct you in the way. So go and prepare yourself as if that day is here. And begin to rejoice because my coming is indeed near. So these are great and wonderful times; don’t take it for granted at all. For I, the Lord thy God, will cause mighty things that will make the devil seem extremely small. Small he is and small he will be, but you are the generation—my glory you will see. So begin to rejoice and be exceedingly glad. You are not going to be last; you are going to be first at last. So begin to rejoice and know that my Word is true. For whatever you are in the midst of, I am about to bring you through, said the Spirit of the living God

Prophecy delivered by

Creflo A. Dollar