In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell talks about wealth & pride.

In this Ericaism, Erica Campbell explains that God already has greatness prepared for you.

Wealth and personal savings is all part of living the abundant life God wants us to live. Ebony Thomas, founder of God’s Money God’s Way…

Bishop T.D. Jakes is nothing short of a blessing to everyone he comes in contact with. At Women’s Empowerment 2013 he delivered an uplifting word that stirred the spirit in the room. Women left understanding the importance of their gifts and received  encouragement to use them. Via


    via:christianpost   A new poll by the PewResearchCenter has found that although many Americans believe rich people are smart and work hard for their money, many also believe that the rich are greedy and dishonest.  What is more, 58 percent of respondents said they believe the rich pay too little when it comes […]

Even with no product and no website, you can get paid for what and who you know. Learn how to make money online, without spending a dime. Making money online used to pretty much require you to have your own Web site, products to sell and some marketing savvy. But a new generation of dot-coms […]


                  by Steve Hargreaves via:cnnmoney   How much money do you need to feel rich? Wealth is a subjective concept, but one thing is universal in most definitions: being able to live a comfortable life without having to work. “I’d like to have enough money so my […]


Credit card fees and rewards programs exacerbate income inequality by acting as a transfer of wealth from poor to rich, according to a Federal Reserve Bank of Boston study released Monday.

Dave Ramsey warns against co-signing.

A group of black pastors is looking to spread biblical teaching and quash the prosperity gospel teachings that have been proliferating in their churches.