Updated 3:06pm: Tiger’s agent Mark Steinberg told the media that Tiger would speak to a “small group of friends, colleagues and close associates” about his past and what he plans next, along with apologizing for his behavior. Woods will not answer any questions from the media. “Tiger is reading a statement, a public apology,” Mark […]

During a round table discussion on Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume expressed concern about how Tiger Woods could recover as a human being from his adulterous activity and subsequent exposure. The Fox Newsman encouraged the golfer to “turn to the Christian faith,” to find the forgiveness and the redemption he needs in order to recover […]

55 million just to stay in the marriage two more years! Sin just ain't worth it saints! Let's pray for Tiger and his family..

The Tiger Woods’ unfolding story of his car accident and personal indiscretions just continues to thicken. Now, he writes an apology on his website for his “transgressions” as a new potential mistress emerges.

Tiger Woods has canceled plans to attend his own golf tournament in southern California because of injuries he suffered near his Florida. <!--more-->