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By Corky Siemaszko



Newly divorced from Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren is cutting back on the help – even though she got a reported $110 million settlement from her cheating ex, according to

“She’s not cheap, but she’s just not throwing money around and wasting it the way some people would,” a “friend” told the web site. “She’s not acting like she hit the lottery.”

The Swedish siren still has a platoon of nannies to help her with the kids – daughter Sam, 3, and son Charlie, 1.

“But she has cut back some of the hours some people work,” the friend said.

How else is Nordegren cutting back? She’s flying commercial – not on private jets.

“She could afford the jet but didn’t even consider it,” the friend said.

There have been earlier reports that Woods was coughing up a sixth of his fortune – around $100 million – as part of the divorce settlement, but Nordegren has never confirmed how much she got.

When Nordegren finally ended nine months of silence in August about the sex scandal that wrecked their marriage, she said she “felt stupid” that Woods cheated on her with a parade of party girls and porn stars.

The friend told that Nordegren could have taken Tiger to the cleaners but didn’t.

“Elin got a lot of money, but she could have received more,” the friend said. “She wanted enough money to not change her luxurious lifestyle, but she didn’t try to take him for every penny that she could. Elin wants to get on with her life.”

Among other things, Nordegren is mulling a move from the Orlando-area closer to Miami – not Sweden, where she owns a home.

“Tiger was worried Elin was going to move back to Sweden and take their children,” the friend said.

Woods, 34, and Nordegren, 30, formally severed their link in August at a hush-hush court hearing in Bay County, Fla.

“We are sad that our marriage is over and we wish each other the very best for the future,” they said in a joint statement.

In her petition, Nordegren said the union was “irretrievably broken” but that she and Woods had reached a settlement deal July 3 that includes a joint parenting plan for their kids.