*Tiger Woods’ estimated endorsements for 2010 are worth $22 million less than last year, according to Sports Illustrated’s annual analysis of the highest-earning American athletes.

Yesterday, Tiger Woods backed out of the The Players Championship citing a bad neck injury. According to Golf.com/AP: Tiger fears his injury might be a bulging disk in his upper back.“I’ve been playing with a bad neck for about a month,” Woods said. After hitting his drive well to the right on the seventh hole, […]

// // VIA CNN: In his first news conference since scandal broke, Tiger Woods said Monday that the six weeks he spent in rehab after admitting to infidelity changed him. “I was in there for 45 days, and it was to take a hard look at myself — and I did,” he told reporters at […]

From CNN: Augusta, Georgia — Tiger Woods returns to golf Monday at the Masters, ending a self-imposed exile stemming from a November car accident outside his home and his subsequent admission of extramarital affairs amid a media frenzy. Woods is set to participate in a news conference — his first since the scandal broke — […]

via:metronetworks.com It’s a big day for Tiger Woods.  The pro golfer will meet the press in conjunction with his first golf tournament since his personal life was upended in late November amidst reports of marital infidelity.  His SUV crash on Thanksgiving night 2009 brought Woods’ alleged affairs to light.  The allegations alienated key sponsors and […]

Tiger Woods‘ return to rehab may not be sex-related after all—according to a new report, the golfer has checked in at The Meadows in Arizona to battle drug dependency, namely to sleeping aides Ambien and Vicodin.

Tiger took his first swing at giving a public apology to his family, friends and colleagues. If you missed it, the full video is inside!

After the media frenzy that surrounded Tiger Woods’ car accident and alleged affairs, he finally speaks publicly to a select group of friends, colleagues and associates at PGA headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. According to CNN.com, a statement on Woods’ Web site elaborated: “While Tiger feels that what happened is fundamentally a matter between […]