via:christianpost   Pastor Ed Young from Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, warns that relationships have become too dependent on technology, which decreases people’s ability to connect with one another.  Pastor Young, who co-authored with his wife, Lisa, the book Sexperiment: 7 Days to Lasting Intimacy With Your Spouse, which explores how a high level […]

  via:christianpost   The successor to the wildly popular Amazon Kindle Fire tablet will be lighter and sport a better look, according to a new report.  AllThingsD released a report earlier this week that stated that Amazon was working on a higher-resolution Kindle Fire that is lighter than the current version. It will also be […]

  via:mashable(yahoo)   Facebook’s sliding stock price has at least one hedge fund manager predicting a dismal decade ahead for the social network. “In five to eight years they are going to disappear in the way that Yahoo has disappeared,” Ironfire Capital founder Eric Jackson told the CNBC show Squawk on the Street on Monday. […]

via:christianpost Amazon is planning to launch an 8.9-inch Kindle Fire tablet later on this year, according to a new report from Reuters. This new larger Amazon device will be created to go head-to-head with the king of the tablet market, Apple, whose iPad currently dominates that arena. Read More

    via:christianpost Samsung debuted the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S3 at its “Mobile Unpacked” event that took place in London, England yesterday and also showed off the device’s impressive new feature, S-Voice.  S-Voice is similar to Apple’s Siri voice recognition system that comes on the iPhone 4S.     Read More

via:christianpost After the iPad 3 release conference Wednesday, many iPad 2 owners looking to upgrade are stuck with one looming question: how do I sell my iPad 2 and get an iPad 3? There are a number of ways to trade up the year-old iPad 2 for the newer iPad 3 come it’s release date […]

Heard about Windows 8 or the HP Spectra Ultrabook? What about the X-Box 720? If you are a gadget lover, then you know that The 2012 Consumer Electronics Show is about to be underway! Read Lance Ulanoff to preview what new products may be coming to stores soon!

I feel like in the past five years or so, there’s been a resurgence in children having technological devices. We’ve become a more tech savvy…

Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook's marketing director, has a fix for cyberbullying: stop people from doing anything online without their names attached Facebook requires all members to use their real names and email addresses when joining the social network

Yesterday, as I was walking back from the train station after a long day at work, I ran into someone I knew on the way home. After we exchanged greetings and we proceeded to chat, it quickly became hard to hold a conversation as we both seemed lost in our own worlds. We had both […]