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Shonda Rhimes started making moves toward her passion at an early age. Rhimes, who grew up just outside of Chicago, credits her educator parents for…


  via:christanpost   In the wake of the Penn State scandal, the university is left with to deal with severe sanctions from the NCAA, which involves a multi-million dollar fine and the vacating of all wins from 1998-2011.  The $60 million dollar fine is one of the largest in recent history and the money will […]

Kerry Washington is the star of ABC’s hot new show “Scandal,” and her character has an affair with the President of the United States. This…


The enbattled bishop, who just announced he was stepping away from the pulpit a month ago, has reportedly returned to New Birth.

This was a memorable year for celebrities, beginning with Charlie Sheen. CNN's Kareen Wynter looks back.

From action heroes to political figures, 2011 saw its fair share of high profile scandals and controversies. SEE ALSO: The Quote Of The Year Is… Church Secretary Fired For Interracial Marriage? Below is a list of scandals from the past year that rocked NewsOne. 7. News Corp. Phone Tapping Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., the parent […]


Bishop Eddie Long's case has settled out of court. Now one source says that the Bishop has a veritable “three strikes” against him.

The three-day Pastors and Leadership Conference, hosted by Bishop T.D. Jakes, kicked off last Thursday in Orlando with Pastor Paula White: preacher, motivational speaker, author, TV personality and co-founder of Without Walls International Church.

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umm....Oprah....you might want to stop this book from getting released because it's not looking good for you. The author sheds new light of lesbian affairs, and false accusations of molestation. Other sources are reporting what her stepfather had to say about Oprah and it's unbelievable!