Russell Simmons

The World Anti-Doping Association (WADA) revealed Russian hackers released the confidential medical records of certain U.S. Olympic athletes, including Biles.

When the disappointing and outrageous news broke today that all of the officers tried in the Freddie Gray murder case had been acquitted, most people were shocked, saddened and disheartened by another injustice of a black man being murdered with no one held accountable. However it wasn’t just regular citizens who were highly upset, as […]

Being friends with the Minister has always been a litmus test on whether you are suitable to partner with or befriend members of other communities (especially certain segments of the Jewish community).

In a world filled with temptation, as a believer through faith you are Justified by Grace to move forward in the realm of sin to inspire others to find the path of light and righteousne ass. Born in Houston, TX and reared in a Christ-centered family, a strong biblical foundation encouraged Iam Justified to dream big, work hard and keep […]

Russell Simmons has partnered with nonprofit Californians for Safety and Justice to create an ad campaign focusing on the large numbers of prisons the state…