10660246_868584746525719_1110686521170382992_nIn a world filled with temptation, as a believer through faith you are Justified by Grace to move forward in the realm of sin to inspire others to find the path of light and righteousne ass. Born in Houston, TX and reared in a Christ-centered family, a strong biblical foundation encouraged Iam Justified to dream big, work hard and keep the faith. His endeavors led him to obtain a position as a television host while pursuing his BA in Mass Communications at Clark Atlanta University. It was there he could be found interviewing notable celebrities such as Stevie Wonder, Russell Simmons, Bishop Desmond Tutu and many other notable acts of talent.

On the road to success Iam Justified nearly became a casualty of life’s positive and negative fluctuations, all while “living the dream,” so he thought. The devastating impact left on his soul due to impurities of the flesh and mind caused him to sink into a battle with depression and mental illness. In this struggle, the condemnation of his past mistakes lead him to believe that he was not good enough for God’s Love, which later caused him to contemplate suicide. Thankfully, due to the love of the Lord Almighty, the fight to succeed and bounce back from life’s challenges was set into motion, and little did he know that a tumultuous hailstorm was forming inside his mind, relentlessly seeking to take control over his God-given gifts. After seeking medical attention and completely surrendering to the God he once knew, he began to use rap music as an outlet to tell his personal story of deliverance.

His desire is to be set apart from the crowd, to differentiate himself from other rappers as a Gospel rapper, motivator, and role model for our younger generation. His music yearns to reach those who feel the coldness in their separation from Christ’s love, with each flow of music stretching out a path towards redemption. Iam Justified’s music encourages those stumbling in the darkness to come back to Him, our Redeemer, to reach those consumed by the world’s idea of success and ideals to uphold, Iam Justified challenges those concepts in his newest single “God Ova Money.” He has been blessed to share his ministry gift in many churches and community events throughout the state of Texas. He was chosen to participate in the Stellar Awards Artist Showcase in Nashville, TN along with obtaining the honor of being the first Gospel Rap Artist for ATL Hip Hop Day in Atlanta, GA. Iam Justified has recently been nominated in four categories at the 2015 Rhythm of Gospel Awards.

His desire is to delve into his life’s calling full-force by the word of God through his position as radio host of KVRN, a syndicated Gospel radio station that airs in 13 countries. Through his segment entitled “Game Changers with Iam Justified” he bridges the gap for the youth of our generation to see the abundant life you can live with and through Christ despite your mistakes, your pain, and the pressures of life that arise from the sin we can overcome. Iam Justified lives by this mantra: “All it took was faith.” His ministry is a testament to this ultimate truth.


Iam Justified’s album entitled “Revolution” is available for download for free HERE.

Check out the official music video to his single “God Ova Money”: