When you know your phone is foul, stop giving it to other people to take pictures. Listen to the audio player to hear what happened…

San Jacinto College is abuzz with a good cause. For the month of April, a stop by the cosmetology school means you get a free…

A collection of photos featuring 15 families whose babies were cared for at the neonatal intensive care unit of Texas Children’s Hospital in their Newborn…

You wouldn't expect to see Ophra's BFF and talk show host Gayle King to get a tattoo, but in the name of fun and 'what ifs' you can see why. See who she got a tattoo of and watch the interview to see what her kids thinks of her selection.

After 'Jumping The Broom', T.D. Jakes will now work on another film based on a novel. Watch out Tyler Perry!

Moroccan and Monroe are now at home from the hospital and the parents are being careful about the twins being photographed for 'George Clooney Movie Money'.


          By Mike Krumboltz via:yahoonews   This just in from the “strange but probably true” files. Fisherman Raphael Biagini reeled in what is believed to be a 30-pound koi carp in France, where the fish are quite popular. The fish, a vivid orange, looks a great deal like a giant goldfish. […]


We know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but is a picture worth a stolen purse?